Bike Banner - Prevents damage to your bike, rack, garage, and car.
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   Roof Rack Warning System
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     Bike Banner prevents bike-to-roof collision very simply and effectively. Bike Banner attaches to the inside of your garage door. Each time you raise the garage door, Bike Banner drops directly into your field of vision, reminding you to check for items on your rack.

     This very effective product is inexpensive, simple to install, and could possibly save you both time and money. BikeBanner is easy to install. No tools are required and anyone can do it. The bike banner can be attached anywhere on the inside of your garage door.
     Just choose where you where you want to place the banner, clean the area where the adhesive will be applied, peel back the adhesive and stick it on (this isn't rocket science).

     BikeBanner does not guarantee the safety of your bike - please be careful!

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